A powerful, positive and larger than life force of personality, Tyra James brings a special brand of evolving and wholeness to her life coaching business. Tyra is a master at teaching others to live a greater version of themselves, and creating the life they dream of!

Tyra is a Certified Transformational Life Coach and is an empowering, informational and transformational facilitator, speaker and seminar presenter.

What People Say

Tyra saved my life. She taught me how to climb out of darkness and guided me into the light. Her wisdom knows no bounds and her God-given talents are limitless.

Marcia Catlett

God put Tyra in my life for a reason and has kept her there for only He knows why. In all my wild ways I see and acknowledge there is a need for your coaching.

Cayela Wimberley-White

Tyra is a true example of a phenomenal woman and I will always be grateful for her guidance and coaching and I am thankful to have had you as a mentor and coach.

Brittney Robinson

Let’s build something together.